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13 Supplements Studied in Pelvic Pain

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A recent review looked at studies of nutritional supplements in the context of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain.

13 supplements showed promise:

🔹 Vitamin D

🔹 Zinc

🔹 Omega-3s

🔹 Curcumin

🔹 Quercetin

🔹 N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

🔹 Probiotics or Prebiotics

🔹 Resveratrol

🔹 Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)

🔹 Vitamin C

🔹 Vitamin E

🔹 Selenium

🔹 EGCG (from green tea)

Does this mean that every woman with pelvic pain should go purchase all of these supplements?


Pelvic pain is complicated and needs to be evaluated by a qualified healthcare practitioner. We do additional testing to understand the root cause. Then we tailor a targeted plan that often includes supplements—but not a laundry list like this.

Interested in finding out if a functional medicine approach could help you?

Click through to our website to book a consult.

Note to readers: Here is the review on PubMed

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