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Nearly every chronic disease is linked to this one thing.

😬😬😬Not enough people are talking about this.

Nearly every chronic disease in the world today can be linked back to this same thing.

🔥 Chronic Inflammation 🔥

3 out of 5 people worldwide die because of chronic inflammatory diseases, and the World Health Organization ranks these diseases as the greatest threat to human health.

Chronic inflammation is at play in:

🔹 Diabetes

🔹 Heart Disease

🔹 Autoimmune Disease

🔹 Arthritis

🔹 Eczema

🔹 IBD (Crohn’s & Colitis)

🔹 Depression

The list goes on….

But here’s what you really need to know.

Chronic inflammation can be subtle as it gradually builds up over time. Even in the absence of a chronic disease, inflammation can contribute to:

🔸 Fatigue

🔸 Achiness

🔸 Sleep Problems

🔸 Anxiety

🔸 Weight Gain

🔸 Weight Loss

🔸 Digestive Issues

Or other vague and confusing health issues.

There’s so much to unpack about chronic inflammation that I’m going to commit a series of posts to this topic.

Up next?

👉 What’s causing the inflammation?

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