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Why are testosterone levels tanking?

Low testosterone levels in men correlate with:

▪️Low energy

▪️Weight gain

▪️Low libido


▪️And more.

We know that testosterone levels decline with age, but there’s also evidence that testosterone levels have declined over the years—meaning that a 60-year old man today is likely to have lower testosterone levels than a 60-year old man did 20 years ago.

Levels have even declined in teens and young adult men 😬


Nobody knows for sure, but hormone-disrupting chemicals could be to blame ☠️

Many chemicals that men are exposed to every day are “xenoestrogens,” meaning they mimic estrogen and disrupt hormonal balance. For example:

🔹 BPA in plastics 🔹 parabens in lotions 🔹 phthalates in shampoos

If men only focus on testosterone, they could miss the most important piece of the puzzle for lifelong health.

Here are some ways to minimize exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals:

✔️ Store food in glass instead of plastic

✔️ Drink out of glass or stainless steel instead of plastic

✔️ Cook in stainless steel rather than non-stick pans

✔️ Avoid air fresheners and artificial fragrances

✔️ Read ingredients on personal care products to avoid anything that resembles “-paraben,” or “-phthalate,” or “fragrance”

We take all of these variables into account when working with men to achieve hormonal balance, weight loss, healthy aging, and energy, and well-being. As always, test, don't guess. Hormone dysregulation can be due to many things. Having your blood work done to rule out other underlying issues is also key.

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