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BYO After-School Snacks

Holistic Health Tips

Life is happier when the kids are fed.

If you think that’s easier said than done, try these build-your-own snack ideas to calm that ravenous after-school hunger.

Even if different kids have different tastes, these snacks give them the freedom to choose their favorite flavors, while keeping it healthy for everyone.

🥜 BYO Trail Mix

Set out an assortment of nuts, seeds, dried berries, coconut flakes, and (if you’re feeling indulgent) chocolate chips. Let the kids create their own favorite version of trail mix.

🍏 BYO Boosted Fruits

Offer up a few different fruits (like apples, bananas, & strawberries), some nut butters (like peanut almond, & cashew), and some items to sprinkle on top (like coconut flakes or hemp seeds). Let the kids mix & match!

🥤 BYO Smoothie

Help the kids learn about nutrition by creating a cheat sheet for building a smoothie. Have them choose at least one item from each ingredient category (like a fruit or veg, protein, fat, and liquid).

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