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Of all the things that can disrupt sleep, did you ever think of wi-fi?

The wi-fi router sends constant invisible signals throughout your home—increasing your family’s exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

EMFs stress the body, nervous system, and hormones.

Some people are more sensitive to EMFs than others, and you may think they don’t affect you, but EMFs could absolutely be one thing contributing to ‼️poor sleep‼️

One simple thing you can do to decrease the EMFs in your home while you sleep:

💥 Turn off your wi-fi-router 💥

An easy way to do this is to plug the router into an outlet with a programmable timer⏰

There are other benefits too!

📲📲📲 You (and your kids) will be forced to shut off devices at a specific time every night, and you won’t be tempted to grab your phone if you wake in the night.

Sounds like a more peaceful environment for sleep to me 💤

Had you ever thought of this?

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