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Last year I was introduced to the idea of switching my health care focus. Try something new. What the hell, right?

Well here we are, in June of 2022 and I am no longer on the list to get a hysterectomy. Why? Because I no longer want to have it done. It’s not needed anymore. My endometriosis has gotten so controlled that I can manage life during my cycles. I can enjoy the days. No longer crying in pain, begging God to just take this from me. I am no longer on any depression/anxiety prescriptions. Dr Sarah walked me through the entire weening process. It was hard. It was emotional. The freaking sunshine made me cry lol My poor husband. I should give him a big ol’ shout out for being so patient with me. It’s getting better though. My last dose was in February… I wasn’t ready to talk about it. I don’t want anyone who is on medication to feel attacked. My medications were not working correctly anymore. I was a shell. An angry, empty shell. I kicked alcohol in February 2021.. that was the beginning step. A must needed step so I could better manage all the next ones. I am learning new ways to manage my health. Dr Sarah is hands down the best. 

So today we celebrate at the pool while on my cycle!! Maybe TMI but if you know, you know. This would never have been my day, today, 6 months ago. I would be home, fetal position, begging and crying for it to just go away. 

Thank you Dr Sarah Solinger 💖 we saved my life

I want to take a second to make a heartfelt recommendation about a new local doctor in town. My son hurt his neck in the pool yesterday playing chicken with his brothers. So we went to a chiropractor and they wanted to do x-rays so we did, then they referred us to this unnamed emergency room which we went. The ER mocked us for going to a chiropractor first. Literally laughed and rolled their eyes. They wanted to know if he was up-to-date on his tetanus V. Ummmmm why the heck would this matter with a hurt neck. They wanted to know our child’s CV V status, even though he is only 12 years old.
What a joke. They said his blood pressure was a little high. Of course it is, you all look like you’re in an apocalyptic movie and extremely rude and have made him wait here forever even though the hospital is empty. Then we were told there was nothing they could do. We shouldn’t have come there. We should have went to an orthopedic ER. And they wonder why the industry is losing the trust of the American people. What a heartless service. But we remembered there’s a new naturopathic doctor in town. She met us at her office right after we left the ER. In her gym clothes because she was eager to help us right away and she was coming straight from the gym. My son was relaxed. She explained everything to us and she issued us natural pain relief and some exercises to expedite the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Solinger and her new clinic is super conveniently located!

I called Dr. Solinger in a panic. My son was screaming and rocking back and forth with a severe pain in his head. I couldn't tell if he hurt himself or if it was his brain or something else. I couldn't console him. I was scared. I asked if he needed to see a doctor. And he said yes. So I called Dr. Sarah while he was wailing. She immediately picked up and said come in. In 15 mins she had him on the table. And she walks me through everything. She has me feel glands with her. She has me looking into his ears with her. She gives me things that will heal him. She educates me on how to care for him at home. There are incredible people in the medical field. I know it doesn't feel like it but if you really try, if you focus on natural healing, if you stop caring about insurance coverage and seek out actual solutions, you'll find these people. And they will love you and care for you and help you. They won't make you wait in a cold sterile room for an hour. They won't turn you away because you’re sick. They won't segregate you. They will believe you. They won't ignore what you're trying to say. They won't lie to you. They won't prescribe over it. They aren't against the need for modern
medicine but there's a lot less need for it if you get it right at this level. 
By the way, I love your new office!!!  I love that it has touches of all the people I love and have met down here. It was a community project getting you guys up and running for the new year. A way to give back to what you've done for this community.  I told you you'd outgrow your first little office before you even unpacked. You'll outgrow this big new clinic you've created too. 
I'm proud to know you.  Thank you for being a critical thinking doctor that actually cares about people over profits.  And thank you for being Holy Spirit led. God knocked it out of the park when He made you.

Super Thankful for Dr. Sarah Solinger and wish I had reached out sooner!

She called to confirm my appointment and I told her what we have going on and she offered to drop the supplies off that we needed to get well. We are glad to have you here Root Health LLC!!

My daughter ran a low grade fever off and on for 11 days , but today, so far, no fever for her!!

Very impressed with Dr. Solinger and feel very hopeful that with her help I can heal.

Dr. Sarah is just amazing all the way around!

Overall great apt. Dr. Solinger gave us detail of the whole process!

I had a follow up with Dr Sarah on Friday.

She came out of her office practically jumping up and down with excitement.

I thought she was just happy to see me in person because we are pretty good friends too.

But she had just gotten my lab work back.

For years, I have struggled with skin issues, candida overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, stubborn weight, fatigue and the list could go on and on.

Back in December, I started seeing Dr Sarah and she put me on an intense protocol. My candida was the worst she had ever seen in her career, and my adrenals were so non functioning that it was a miracle I could even get through the day.

She told me it would take a minimum of 6 months to heal. Right before Christmas, I cut out everything about food that gives me joy.

Carbs. Sugar. Caffeine. Alcohol.

I stuck with the plan faithfully for 3 solid weeks. Through Christmas. Through New Years. And then I went to 80/20… sometimes going on a bender for a full week, eating all the things in sight. She was stressed out about my cheats.

I finally got my life together and found a balance. I stuck with the supplements she put me on. I follow the “real life” phase of our metabolic reset program most days.

I got my lab work done last week and could see why she was so excited. Not only am I healed. I am healed to a complete optimal level.

She literally called me “the picture of health”.

Every single lab is in optimal range. Except one —which only showed I was minimally dehydrated that day, which makes sense because these were fasting labs.

In the last 4 months, I’ve lost 20 pounds and kept it off, don’t need to take a daily nap anymore, brain fog is gone, bloat is gone, inflammation is non existent, my bowels are the most regular they’ve been in my entire adult life, I don’t get debilitating headaches anymore, my skin has completely cleared up & just needs re-pigmenting (which the sunshine will take care of), and I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with food.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to be truly healthy for the first time in what feels like my whole life.

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7 weeks since I got a diagnosis. 

7 weeks since I first heard the words “you have severe hashimotos.”

7 weeks since my doctor asked me if I wanted to reverse my hashimotos. 

7 weeks since I met the women who gave me my first glimpse of hope in a really really long time. 


Remember I told y’all I’d post an after? I surely didn’t think it would be just 7 weeks. 


Inflammation gone. 

Exhaustion gone. 

Brain fog, gone.

Hopelessness gone. 

Pain, almost completely gone. 


Dr. Solinger at Root Health LLC has quite literally saved my life with her knowledge and her eagerness to care for her patients. She is the real deal. I thank God for his mercy and answering my prayers for healing through her. His plan for my healing journey was different than I envisioned. I wanted him to just touch me and miraculously heal me. He wanted to use me to tell my story so I could help so many others and that is exactly what’s been happening. I’m so proud of everyone who has been watching my story and has taken their health into their own hands. I’m so thankful that I have a Dr. Who has the capability to see patients virtually in all 50 states and that desires results without scamming her patients financially. I had a friend who I love and adore call me the other day. When she told me the astronomical price her functional medicine doctor tried to charge her for answers, I was literally in shock. It was the price of a vehicle. People can’t afford that. They shouldn’t have to pay that to live a full life. 


Dr. Solinger, I could never thank you enough for caring about me the way you have. I have my life back and I didn’t have to go into debt to do it. 


No one knew how bad off I was. No one knew I was at the point of giving up hope. No one knew how bad I was fighting to just make it day to day over the last year. I walked into her office so sick. So broken. So defeated. So hopeless for answers. 


Root Health is not a doctors office, it is a patients care office. It’s about you. 


If it weren’t for Dr. Solinger, I don’t know if I would have ever met Caleb Davis who has also played a huge role in my healing journey and therapy. I could say a million good things about this team but I’ll end with this. If you have been seeking wellness and can’t find it. This is your answer that you’re praying for. It’s the step in the direction you need to head. You will not be sorry. Make the appointment. Heal your body. 


Ok, gotta get back to crushing some major goals with my people. 


Love y’all! 🤍

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