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Signs of hormonal imbalance in men.

In the natural health space, women’s hormones get a lot more attention than men’s. But guess what…

Men can struggle with hormonal imbalances too!

Here are some signs that a man’s hormones may need a little TLC:

▪️ Abdominal weight gain

▪️ Sugar cravings

▪️ Lack of motivation

▪️ Tiredness

▪️ Low libido

▪️ Infertility

▪️ Moodiness

▪️ Irritability

▪️ Brain fog

Even though men don’t have periods or go through menopause, their hormones DO change over time, respond to lifestyle, and play a huge role in health and well-being.

June is Men’s Health Month, so follow along because I’m going to break down everything from estrogen dominance in men to supplements, foods, and exercises that keep men’s hormones healthy 👍

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