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Stop starving yourself, It doesn't help IBS or SIBO!

⚠️ Don’t Make This Mistake ⚠️

Most people believe that if they have SIBO or IBS or other digestive problems…

….that they need to follow a highly restrictive diet forever.

❌ It’s not true!!!!

Here’s the reality:

✅ Bacteria in the gut feed on carbohydrates to produce gas

✅ Diets like the Low-FODMAP Diet and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet limit the fuel source for gas-producing bacteria

✅ These diets can be extremely helpful at temporarily reducing symptoms like gas and bloating

✅ In the long run, the gut microbiome needs variety AND carbohydrate fuel sources to stay healthy

✅ So a better approach is to work on healing the gut and gradually reintroduce foods over time

Don’t go at it alone!!!!

We help our patients make sense of their digestive symptoms and find personalized long-term solutions.

We can do that for you too. Book online through our website now!

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